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Jesus the Cold Case – Documentary with Bishop Spong

8 April 2015

AFTA Award for Best Documentary 2012, Winner Silver and Bronze Medals at The New York Festivals International Film and Television Awards.

In his native New Zealand Bryan Bruce writes, directs and hosts the internationally successful crime show THE INVESTIGATOR in which he re- examines unsolved crimes In 2010 he decided to apply his criminal investigative methods to the ultimate cold case : Who Killed Jesus and Why?

Jesus The Cold Case – Trailer from Red Sky Film & Television on Vimeo.

In an investigation that ranges across three continents, Bruce sets out to discover who Jesus was and what he did that resulted in his death on a Roman cross. The impressive list of scholars he consults includes:

Emeritus Prof. Geza Vermes (Oxford)
Emeritus Prof John Dominic Crossan ( St Pauls)
Prof. Elaine Paigels (Princeton)
Bishop John Shelby- Spong (USA)
Prof. Lloyd Geering (New Zealand)
Dr Helen Bond ( Edinburgh)
Prof . Israel Herschkovitz (Tel Aviv)
Dr Shimon Gibson (London )
The 90 minute HD documentary was filmed in Israel, Palestine Italy , France, Germany, Great Britain, USA , Poland and New Zealand

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 1 hour 29 minutes
Availability: Worldwide

You can rent this documentary for $3.99, 24-hour streaming period or Buy for $9.99, Just click HERE

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