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Interview with Bishop Spong on next Pope: At best ‘you might get somebody who’s a closet liberal’

13 March 2013

Retired Episcopalian Bishop John Shelby Spong, a progressive theologian, talks with Current TV’s John Fugelsang about the state of the Roman Catholic Church as it seeks to elect a new pope. “I find it a really disturbing institution today, and that grieves me because if the Roman Catholic Church is weak, every Christian church is weak,” Spong says.

Fugelsang asks Spong whether it’s likely the next pope will be African or South American. “I don’t think [the church’s future] lies in Latin America or in Africa. I think those are important parts of the world, but the money that supports that institution is not in Asia or Latin America or Africa. It’s in Western Europe and in the United States. That’s the group that’s been most deeply alienated,” Spong answers.

Original site: http://current.com/shows/viewpoint/videos/bishop-john-shelby-spong-on-the-next-pope-at-best-you-might-get-somebody-whos-a-closet-liberal/

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