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7 February 2008: Teaching at Drew Theological Seminary in 2008

I have just completed teaching a course at the Theological School of Drew University. The creative faculty at this respected institution has developed special opportunities in the month of January that allow students to have an intense and concentrated course taught by an outside lecturer that is designed to supplement and enrich their core curriculum. …

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Q & A:

Since the Bible contains so much misinterpreted

information, what kind of reference should a praying, spiritual

person use? Are there certain translations that are less

derogatory than others? Also, in looking at a deeper and clearer

understanding of the Bible, are there metaphysical understandings

that would enhance one's spiritual journey and that would be

useful? If so, what are they?

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30 January 2008: Heresy on the BBC

Recently I had the privilege of doing an interview with BBC World Service from its studio in New York City. The program was entitled “Free to Speak” and was hosted by Dan Damon, one of the BBC’s best known radio personalities. The topic for this interview was those religious leaders who seem to be theological …

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Q & A:

Have you read Letter to a Christian

Nation, by Sam Harris? If so, I think many of us would

like to learn what you think of his seemingly well thought out

arguments in condemnation of religion.

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23 January 2008: Governor Huckabee: A Second Generation Evangelical Politician

In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson managed to get through the Congress of the United States a national Voting Rights Act. It was not an easy task since Johnson had to maneuver the bill through a Senate controlled by old line Southern Democrats still wedded to segregation. To achieve this victory, he employed his prodigious reputation …

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Q & A:

You mentioned the problem of miracles and the hand of God in prayer, but even men and women have power to affect the world. In what sense do you believe that God has such power?

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16 January 2008: Reflections on our Final Days in South Africa

On our last few days in South Africa, we tasted the land in several ways. With Professor Izak Spangenberg as our guide, we went on a four day, three night safari in Kruger Park near the Mozambique border. With Professor Hansie Wolmarans as our guide we ventured into the depths of the historic gold mines, …

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Q & A:

The news has been received that a California Episcopal Diocese

(San Joaquin) has reached the second stage in voting to leave the

national Episcopal Communion over the issue of homosexuality.

The media is describing the anti-gay position as biblical, the

pro-gay as being against Bible teaching. After reading

Living in Sin and The Sins of Scripture, I

cannot believe that it is that simple. Reporters are not doing

their job of careful investigation.

  • Have these biblical stories and texts that are quoted to

    support the anti-gay position ever been read, analyzed,

    thoroughly debated, and defended in bishops' conferences? These

    are supposedly intelligent people who respect scholarship. How

    can they support exclusion on such flimsy evidence?

  • Am I wrong to think this struggle among Episcopalians might

    be a healthy thing, and that resistance from the highest levels

    might be a way of teaching and illuminating facts and reality,

    exposing the prejudice for the evil it is?

  • Where is all this going? What could or should be done to

    bring about a rational and acceptable result?

    Your thoughts and your comments would be very much appreciated.

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9 January 2008: Iowa’s Vote – National and International Scandals

In the Iowa caucuses last Thursday a mighty tide of frustration was released in both of America’s political parties. Establishment candidates, well financed, were overturned by newcomers. Political pundits were shocked. They should not have been. If these pundits had only looked at three recent events across our world: one in Pakistan, one in Kenya …

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2 January 2008: South Africa’s “New Reformation Network”

It is a relatively new organization. They call it “The New Reformation Network.” Its primary leaders are three Afrikaans professors. Two of them, Dr. Izak Spangenberg, Professor of Old Testament Studies and Dr. Pieter Craffert, Professor of New Testament Studies, are colleagues at the University of South Africa in Pretoria; the third is Dr. Hansie …

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Q & A:

I just finished reading a provocative book,

St. Paul Versus St. Peter: A Tale of Two Missions, by

Michael Goulder. In it he argues, very persuasively in my

opinion, that there were actually two ways of seeing Jesus from

the very beginning of the early Church: Peter's way and Paul's

way. Theirs was a bitter battle, which can be inferred clearly

from Paul's writings about "those who would lead you astray."

Goulder's point was that while Peter won some battles, Paul won

the war.

One school of thought formed around Peter and

the Jerusalem-based followers like James, Jesus' brother. They

held Jesus to be special in many ways, but underneath it all a

human being like the rest of us, who was entered into by God's

spirit at his baptism, which spirit then departed his body on the

cross. The Petrine position was that the kingdom had been

ushered in via Jesus' life, death, and resurrection: the "kingdom

now" view. He also believed that people needed to practice

Jewish laws concerning food, the Sabbath, and circumcision to be

followers of Jesus.

The other position was Paul's, that Christ was

a divine being all along, whose death and resurrection ushered in

only the possibility of God's kingdom coming: the "kingdom later"

view. In addition, followers did not have to follow Jewish law

to be members, since Jesus was the sacrifice that satisfied all

those requirements. (Also, persuading adult Greeks and Romans not

to eat meat and to place themselves under the knife for

circumcision put a dent in the evangelism effort.)

Here is my quandary: given that there seems to

have been at least two diametrically opposed ways of viewing

Jesus and his divinity from the very beginning, and given that

our theology apparently goes back not to Jesus but to Paul (since

he "won" the battle), why are we Christians so arrogant? Doesn't

this argue for a little humility, and even relaxing the "our way

or the highway" mentality that grips the Church? It seems to me

that in the face of yet another example of the humanness of the

words we have received and the process by which they have come to

us, conundrums like the "inerrancy of scripture" need to be

gently laid to rest and we need to be searching for what it means

to be a follower of Jesus in a world that finally must be lived

by faith and awareness of how the spirit is moving in this


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26 December 2007: My Return to South Africa

For years I have yearned to return to South Africa. I have not been there since 1976 when apartheid was still fully enforced. Nelson Mandela was in jail on Robin Island, his wife was under house arrest, Desmond Tutu was the Dean of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Johannesburg and the Soweto riots, in which between …

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Q & A:

I have read several of your books and as a result have changed my

thinking I believe to a more rational approach to Christianity

and the Old Testament.

With regard to the Old Testament, I don't recall having read your

opinion regarding Moses and the birth of the Ten Commandments.

Did God speak to Moses via a burning bush and dictate the Ten

Commandments? I think not. It seems to me Moses and perhaps a

group of Jewish elders wrote the Ten Commandments after a great

deal of thought and discussion. The idea of course was for the

purpose of developing guidelines for the people to follow for the

betterment of all concerned. I believe it was decided Moses

would spend time in the mountains and then return with the Ten

Commandments stating they were given to him by God via a burning

bush. The chance of the people following these guidelines was

much greater than if Moses told the people he and the elders

wrote the Ten Commandments after much thought and discussion and

felt as civilized people they should be followed as law.

If they had followed that path, there would have been endless

discussion about what should and should not be included. Why Ten

Commandments? Should there be more? Perhaps less, etc. The Ten

Commandments as we know them probably would be nonexistent today.

The power of religion cannot be over estimated. One only has to

look today at what some radical Muslims have been taught from

childhood, i.e., to hate and kill Jews and "infidels" truly

believing it is God's will to do so.


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19 December 2007: Christpower

Dear Friends, On December 24th, 1974 I delivered in my Church in Richmond, Virginia, a sermon, which sought to put the Christmas story into a modern context through the medium of poetry. It was based on an earlier poem I had written, entitled Christpower. In 1975 this Christmas piece was incorporated into and published along …

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Q & A:

In keeping with the Christmas season for the Question and Answer

part of this column, I would like to publish with the permission

of its author, Joy Cowley, a Roman Catholic Christian from

Auckland, New Zealand, her translation of the words of Mary's

Song from the birth narrative of the Gospel of Luke. That song,

called "The Magnificat," can be found in Luke 1:46-55. Joy

understands the essential task of the modern disciple of Jesus to

make yesterday's words capable of being understood in the words

of the 21st century. I am grateful to her for her gift.

John Shelby Spong

My soul sings in gratitude.

I'm dancing in the mystery of God.

The light of the Holy One is within me

           and I am blessed, so truly blessed.

This goes deeper than human thinking.

I am filled with awe

           at Love whose only condition

           is to be received.

The gift is not for the proud,

           for they have no room for it.

The strong and self-sufficient ones

don't have this awareness.

But those who know their emptiness

           can rejoice in Love's fullness.

It's the Love that we are made for,

           the reason for our being.

It fills our inmost heart space

           and brings to birth in us, the Holy One.

Joy Cowley, Auckland, New Zealand

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12 December 2007: Submission to the Church of England’s Listening Exercise on Human Sexuality

Dear Friends, From time to time a report comes across my desk that is so important that I want to share it with my readers. That is the case with this report from the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the United Kingdom. It is not that their thought is new, it is that they have …

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Q & A:

I call your attention to the biblical story of

Jesus saving the adulterous woman from death by stoning, when he

allowed that the stoning could proceed if only the "sinless" man

cast the first stone - knowing full well there was no such

sinless person present. And the clincher was that he proceeded

to write something in the sand for all to read. For most of my

life I firmly believed that the story said Jesus went before each

man present and wrote his personal sin in the sand. In later

life, when I was challenged to show that conclusion to the story

in the Bible, I couldn't find it. Can you tell me if such a

version exists or where I might have been misled?

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5 December 2007: A Voice Within the Catholic Hierarchy Finally Speaks Out

“The Pope has too much power. The Pope is finally answerable to the Church.” “The Catholic Church has a problem with credibility.” “The Church’s teaching on sex needs to be reviewed.” “Seminaries are not healthy places.” “A few phrases in the Nicene Creed need to be revisited” “There are homosexual priests in the Catholic Church …

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Q & A:

Where was the Christian God before he appeared to Moses and

declared that the Israelis were his chosen people? Why didn't

the great civilizations of the world, prior to this appearance,

know about this God?

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